Do i need a license to be able to buy clones? + -

Yes, we currently can only sell to licensed persons or entities as per the Cannabis Law of Thailand. A valid license is required to purchase clones from us.

Do you also sell to people who wish to grow at home? + -

Certainly! We also offer retail clones for your personal enjoyment in your garden, home, or greenhouse. However, please make sure to review the regulations regarding personal cultivation in your province to ensure compliance with the law.

Do you sell internationally? + -

Soon! We have applied for the proper export licenses but at the moment we only sell to domestic clients within Thailand. 

What requirements do i need to meet to partner up with BuyWeedCuttings? + -


    • Choose the Desired Product
    • Negotiate the Terms
    • Establish the Delivery Schedule
    • Submit the Purchase Order
What is the usual timeframe for plant production and delivery? + -

At BuyWeedCuttings, we offer a cut-to-order service to guarantee the utmost plant health upon delivery to your doorstep. Our clones are prepared and ready for shipping within three weeks from the date of your order.

How will i get the clones? + -

Once you place an order with our sales team, they will promptly create a fast and efficient plan for shipping or pick-up, tailored to your needs. Our secure delivery options include both air and ground transportation methods.

How do i pay? + -

We offer multiple payment methods, including wire transfer, and cash. Unfortunately, at the moment, we are unable to accept credit card payments. However, we are actively working on implementing this payment option in the near future. If you have any further inquiries regarding payment, please feel free to contact us at

When do i need to pay? + -

Payment terms will be discussed and finalized with our dedicated sales team. As a general practice, we typically require a 50% prepayment to secure the reservation of your plants at our farm.

What does the genetic availability look like? + -

Each quarter, we typically offer a selection of 5-10 cultivars, amounting to a total release of up to 20 cultivars per year. The genetics marked as 'available' will be prepared within the regular expected lead times. To acquire information about the availability of genetics listed as 'coming soon,' we recommend contacting our sales representative.

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